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Insights analyses both structured and unstructured financial data to identify patterns and make meaningful reports for smarter credit decisions.
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Transaction Pattern Analysis
Cash Flow Analysis
Spend Analysis
Behavioral Analysis
Income Analysis


The data analytics provided by Insights help our clients understand the financial health of their customers and make very unbiased but informed decisions about a customers financial wellbeing based on relevant data available in real time.

Affordability Model

Our Affordability model helps to accurately predict future ranges of disposable income, indebtedness, etc. using past income, past indebtedness status, loan application, and transaction data. This helps to drive more informed lending decisions.

Credit Scoring Engine

We build proprietary credit scorecards based on the in-depth data analytics carried out. This helps to determine an applicant’s credit worthiness. The scorecards helps to classify prospective applications based on the merchant’s risk appetite.

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Analyse both structured and unstructured financial data