Breaking Barriers,
Bridging the financial
credit gap
GET STARTED The credit gap in developing countries is in trillions. Our credit assessment solution helps institutions make better lending decisions to bridge those gaps and break down barriers to economic advancement.

What We Do

We use alternative financial data and machine learning technique to provide credit assessment solutions that empower lenders and financial institutions in Africa make better credit decisions while lowering risk.

  • Unified Financial Data
  • Risk-free Credit Decisions

  • Real-time data analysis
  • Comprehensive Insights

Our AI-powered, machine learning system collects and labels the available data in real-time.
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Our calibrated model then analyzes the data to produce a credit score and a credit report.
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Credit scores and reports are organized on a scorecard that institutions use to assess creditworthiness.
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Customized Solutions

We know that every business is unique; that’s why we build fully customized credit assessment solutions for your unique business.


Credit as a Service (CaaS)

This solution is perfect for companies with loan generation systems but needs a robust credit assessment system at its heart. Great for Microlenders, Insurance companies, and service providers.

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Credit Assessment Software

This solution is perfect for companies that need to automate and modernize their entire credit assessment process. It eliminates manual work and reduces your loan processing times from days or weeks to just seconds. It's excellent for large financial institutions and large alternate lenders.

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Credit Bureau Service

Your credit profile now goes where you go. This solution lets you pull credit reports on businesses and individuals in our database to determine creditworthiness anywhere in Africa. It's perfect for companies and individuals moving, borrowing, or doing business across the continent.

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