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Experts in utilizing predictive analytics to shape the future.

Building products with you in mind

Our Vision

To empower businesses in the developing world with innovative data and AI driven solutions to generate insights that drive growth, improve workflow, streamline processes & keep them ahead of the competition.

Our Mission

To become a renowned global data analysis and infrastructure provider, using cutting edge technology to harness the power of analyzed data for people and companies across the continent.

How We Work

The most trusted platform for everyday AI and real time Data Analysis
Financial health assessment

The data analytics provided by Insights help our clients understand the financial health of their customers and make very unbiased but informed decisions about a customer's financial wellbeing based on relevant data available in real-time.

Consultancy and Assessment

Recognizing the significance of data, we employ sophisticated analytics methodologies to extract valuable insights. Empowering you to make informed, data-driven decisions and secure a competitive edge. Our consultancy further involves a thorough examination of existing data landscapes, offering strategic recommendations for optimization.

Advanced Analytics

Utilising advanced analytics, we extract profound insights to inform strategic decision-making and drive business success, gaining a competitive edge in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Data and AI Implementation

We bring data into unison with AI implementation with our decision engine that brings structured and unstructured data into unison, and processes the data into actionable and comprehensive insight that individuals can use in real time.  Our decision-making engine is the perfect catalyst for data morphing into information, with integrated AI implementation, getting actionable insight is an art for us at Periculum.

Support and Optimization

We offer support and optimization services tailored to our clients based on their specific needs to enhance systems and operations, ensuring efficiency and optimal performance

Our Values


At Periculum, we pride ourselves as a group of extremely talented individuals with a common goal to achieve. Our talents are vastly experienced and are constantly challenging themselves to the immaculate standards we want to be associated with.



We believe in the importance of team work to achieve great success. No company achieves great success without its team members in a sync both in the vision and mission.



Our goal to ensure that businesses and individuals take full advantage of data analytics and machine learning models would mean that we are in a continual search to improve our products with the most innovative approaches.


We Are The Data Experts

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