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We are a Data Analytics & Infrastructure company leveraging the power of Artificial intelligence to provide customized and innovative solutions for individuals & organizations.

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All You Need For Your Business Growth

Our products are tailored to help your business move to the next level. You will see the grey areas, predict the future and make informed decisions that will reduce risks and increase your revenue.


Insights is a data-driven analytics engine powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our product runs through structured and unstructured financial data to identify patterns and make meaningful reports to help prevent fraud and loss. 

With Insights, our data analytics give predictive insights and will help you make informed and unbiased decisions about your customers’ financial wellbeing based on data available.

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Save time & effort
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Assess & verify creditworthiness of consumers
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Improve Credit Decisioning Accuracy
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Approve more loans without worrying about risks



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Unlimited API Calls


$ 1

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$ 6,500

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Unlimited API Calls
What is Insights
Why choose Insights?
What format of statements can Insights Analyze?
How long does it take?
How do I review and manage all client statements?
Who can use insights?
How many variables are available?
Is there a free trial mode?
How do you integrate?
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Unified Mobile Data SDK

Our Unified Data SDK provides an extensive understanding of prospective borrowers’ financial affairs by combing through all applicants’ mobile permissible financial data, helping to identify all their exposure to the different banks and other lending companies.

It does this by accessing all permission granted financial data across multiple bank accounts, segments & analyzes it to create a unified & predictive financial report.

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A broader and holistic view of borrowers’ creditworthiness
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Wider Coverage
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Analyzed financial data is presented in a single unified report
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Understand your borrowers’ true financial health & status thus mitigating credit risk
Unified Data SDK is only available in Nigeria

₦ 350

Per API Call
What is Unified Data SDK?
Why Choose Unified Data SDK?
Who can use Unified Data SDK?
How long does analyses take?
How do we get data?
What type of support will you provide?


Lumiere is a suite of customized machine learning (ML) models for your business. We built these models using state-of-the-art algorithms and best practices that put data into action, recognizing patterns or behaviors and guiding organizations in real-time to make decisions that increase efficiency and productivity & drive customer satisfaction.

Our ML Models cover Credit Scoring, Fraud Detection, Churn Prediction, amongst others.

Some of our solutions include:
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Credit Scoring Model
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Sentiment Analysis Model
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Customer Segmentation Model
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Fraud Detection Model
User churn model
Churn Prediction Model
Solutions are tailor made and pricing is based on selected services.
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Why Customers Choose Periculum?

Periculum leverages data-driven techniques to assess, process, and automate data for your business, to save time, money and also facilitate your overall business growth.

Our diverse range of clienteles across various industries enjoy data analysis & predictions executed in real-time at the most competitive rates in the market.

We are active in Canada, Nigeria, Ghana & Kenya.

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