From Local Success to Global Recognition: Periculum’s CNN Feature Story

May 25, 2023
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Fisayo Sofuwa

Every success story has its roots in a compelling idea or a unique solution to a problem. Our journey which started a little over 3 years ago, where a group of passionate individuals came together to empower businesses in the developing world with innovative data and AI driven solutions that generate insights and drive growth, improve workflow as well as streamline processes. We decided to start by taking on the  Credit industry in Africa with a  $350 billion credit gap in an attempt to solve this gap with our AI. Through countless hours of hard work, research, and collaboration, we developed a product that exceeded expectations.

As our product gained traction within the local market, we witnessed the transformative power of our solution firsthand. “We have a lot of capital in Africa, the problem is that these institutions use old methods and don’t have a proper understanding of the individuals they serve. Our pilot solution is to help these financial institutions fully understand their end user” Michael stated. In the Fintech industry there has been a popularity wave of a product of ours called Insights, which is a data-driven analytics engine powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to run through structured and unstructured traditional and alternative  financial data for credit assessment by  identifying patterns and making meaningful reports to help make lenders make better credit decisions, prevent fraud and loss.. 

The growing recognition of our company and product attracted the attention of prominent industry leaders and media outlets. It was an honor to be recognized by CNN, a renowned global news platform. Their interest in featuring our story validated our efforts and presented an incredible opportunity to showcase our journey and the impact we had made. 

The moment we received the news of our feature on CNN was a mix of excitement and gratitude. The interview process provided us with a platform to share our story with the world, highlighting our innovative solution, the challenges we overcame, and the impact we had on our community and beyond in providing data-driven solutions for the financial industry that covers credit scoring, financial data analysis, fraud detection in statements or transactions to determine the credit worthiness of applicants. 

Our journey from local success to global recognition has been a testament to the power of perseverance, innovation, and a shared vision. It is a reminder that dreams can transcend boundaries and that with the right blend of passion and hard work, anything is possible. Our CNN feature is just the beginning of an even more remarkable journey that lies ahead.

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